Common Features of Radar Detectors

Common Features

Different radar detector models from different manufacturers offer various feature sets. Some specific features are model or manufacturer specific. A specific feature or feature set can be very important to some people while others make their purchasing decision based purely on performance. Some of these are explained below.


Arrows/Bogey Counter

Probably the most famous unique features are the Valentine One’s (V1) arrows and  bogey counter . The V1 uses a forward and rear antenna design that allows it to attempt to determine the direction of the radar threat and convey that information with its arrows. If it receives more than one signal at the same time the arrows will identify the largest threat by type of radar or strength by flashing the corresponding arrow. In addition when multiple sources of radar are detected the bogey counter will go up in number to tell you how many sources there are. Due to the fact that radar bounces around quite a bit and a strong radar signal can appear to be more than one signal (ghosting) the arrows and bogey counter are not 100% accurate all the time.


Bar, Expert, and Frequency Displays (Escort, Beltronics, and Whistler Models)

Some models manufactured by Beltronics, Escort, and Whistler offer a frequency display feature. This feature shows the frequency of the radar threat detected. This can be useful when determining if a Ka threat is a false alert or when learning what brand radar guns are used in your area. Below are examples of the three different types of displays users can choose to view:

Bar Display Expert Display Spec Display


GPS Database and Filtering

Some Escort and Beltronics detectors incorporate a GPS chip which allows them to offer a preloaded database which alerts the user to red light and fixed-position speed cameras. The user can mark their own locations of speed traps and cameras. The database is updated on a regular bases and the radar detector can be updated via a USB port and a computer (this is a paid subscription). In addition the GPS chip allows the detector to lock out false alerts based on frequency of the false and GPS location. For more information on how this works see this article: 9500ix review and TrueLock/AutoLearn info


GPS Navigation

Currently the Escort Passport IQ is the only radar detector to combine the features of a detector with a GPS navigation device.