August, 2015

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Randenso Pro Review





This summer of 2015, a new brand of radar detectors made a bold entry into the market. The German manufactured Radenso Pro is a new, high-end radar detector sold in the United States that, based on testing in real world scenarios, has demonstrated great performance in long-range Ka band detection and sensitivity to Ka-band Instant On radar threats. In July and into August of 2015, many of our members had the opportunity to be the first major reviewers of this new detector, and some of our veteran enthusiasts even setup a testing course to put this detector through a series of real world scenarios and determine how it really performs.  The following article discusses a few key areas of interest to buyers and enthusiasts, such as long range detection and radar sensitivity to Instant On threats, and also covers the basic features of this new detector as they compare to other competing detectors, such as Red Light Camera alerts, false-alert filter effectiveness, and laser detection.




Radar and LIDAR (laser) Detection

    • X-band
    • K-band
    • Ka-band
    • Laser

Radar Receiver Type : Superheterodyne antenna

LIDAR Infrared Receiver Type : 904nm (+/-) LIDAR receiver 

Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver : Built-in GPS receiver

Spectre Undetectable : No; Equipped with SpeedMeter which makes the detector function solely as speedometer


    • Length : 3.62″
    • Width : 2.44″
    • Height : 1.33″

Power Requirement

    • Hardwire (ie. connecting the detector to the fusebox) : 12V DC with a negative (-) ground
    • Dash accessory outlet : 12V DC power cord (included) with ON/OFF button

Firmware & Red Light Camera Updates

    • Standard USB cord (included)
    • Radenso Pro Updater program : software downloaded from Radenso Pro website
      • Requires Windows Operating System (no availability for Apple OS users at this time)



Display : Multi-color Organic Light-emitting diode (OLED) alphanumeric in Orange; a light blue and red color is planned

    • Alert Screen
      • Radar : signal strength (1-9), signal type, and signal frequency
      • LIDAR
      • Red Light Camera Alerts: photo-enforced areas
    • Standby Screen
      • Speed & Compass, Speed & Time, Speed & Voltage, Vehicle Battery Level, Time

User Preference Settings

    • City / Highway / AutoCity detection modes
      • AutoCity : allows user to set a speed range causing the detector to ignore X, K, and Ka bands (ie if a user travels between 5-30 mph, K-bands can be ignored)
    • Selectable radar bands
      • Ka-band : user can select specific bands to detect for faster detection
      • Ka-band : POP detection
      • K-band : user can select specific bands to detect for faster detection
    • False threat filtering
      • Traffic Sensor Filter (TSF High and Low) : mode filters K-band noise emitted from traffic monitoring sensors on highways
    • Tone / Voice
      • Voice alerts state the band and frequency
      • AutoMute : reduces volume of alerts after 2 seconds
    • Display Settings
      • Bright, Dim, Dark, and Smart Dark
      • Smart Dark Display : display remains darkened and only appears when a threat is detected
    • Factory Default


Included and Optional Accessories

Randenso Pro - included power cord (12V)

Radenso Pro – included power cord (12V DC)

Randenso Pro - included windshield mount

Randenso Pro – included windshield mount

Radenso Pro - optional direct wire (12V) power cord

Radenso Prooptional direct wire (12V) power cord


Overview of the Radenso Pro

In the short time frame since the Radenso Pro’s release this summer, several of our veteran forum members, who are enthusiasts in regards to radar detectors and laser jammers, have had very positive experiences with this new detector. Early discussion of this detector’s solid performance prompted these members to setup a test course in order to gather accurate data about its detection abilities. Some members have even made their own videos showing how effective the detector has been in their specific areas. Our purpose here is to gather as much data from these experiences and present readers an accurate picture of the Radenso Pro’s strengths and weaknesses.

Size and Weight Comparison  J

Size Comparison (L to R) - Escort Redline, Valentine One, Radenso Pro, Escort Passport Max 2

Size Comparison (L to R) – Escort Redline, Valentine One, Radenso Pro, Escort Passport Max 2

Size Comparison (L to R) Front View - Escort Redline, Valentine One, Radenso Pro, Escort Passport Max 2

Size Comparison (L to R) Front View – Escort Redline, Valentine One, Radenso Pro, Escort Passport Max 2

Radenso Pro - side view showing USB port for firmware updates

Radenso Pro – side view showing USB port for firmware updates

Radenso Pro - top view showing unique front lens

Radenso Pro – top view showing unique front lens

As depicted in the following pictures, the Radenso Pro is clearly a compact radar detector. For readers new to this market, this is probably the smallest radar detector that you will find ranking in the same tier of performance as the high-end detectors from Escort, Valentine One, and Uniden.  The small size makes installations and concealment easy, which is a decision point for many users who may live in states like Virginia where radar detector usage is banned. Based on the dimensions, the Radenso Pro is similar to the Cobra SPX 7800BT, as shown in the video at frame 2:15; however, please do not mistake the performance of this detector to the Cobra, which was shown to be a poor performer in our previous review. In terms of weight, the Radenso Pro is lighter than the Escort Passport Max 2 and Redline, but it is similar in weight to the Valentine One. This weight translates to a detector that will not bounce up-and-down causing it to fall. As an example of the negative effects of heavy detectors, the weight of the Escort Passport Max 2 was significant enough for Escort to begin packaging a sturdy Sticky-Cup mount instead of the traditional windshield mount.

Radar Detection Performance J

The Radenso Pro’s radar detection performance received a very high rating, which puts it on the same royal cushion held by the Valentine One, Escort Redline, and Escort Passport Max 2. When the Radenso Pro was initially released in May 2015, our member Vortex tested it wrote about this detector’s excellent, long range Ka-band detection, however, the K-band detection was unacceptably short. Our members brought this issue to the company’s attention, and to demonstrate the company’s determination to fix this shortfall based on our findings, the company fixed the firmware. With the new firmware update, our testers setup a testing course in July 2016 to compare the Radenso Pro against the other top of the line detectors commonly used. The test results showed the Radenso Pro had excellent long-range detection against Ka and K-bands, given road conditions consisting of foliage and a hill. Readers should also note, from the test results below, the customized settings used amongst the other detectors and the Radenso Pro in order to allow the detectors the ability to filter out noise (TSF or POP) and narrow the intended radar bands in order to achieve greater sensitivity. In other words, when the Radenso Pro was matched up against the Valentine One and Escort Redline under their finest settings, it still came out on top with high detection ranges against Ka and K-band. The Radenso Pro allows users to enable band segmentation that improves detection sensitivity. This feature, which requires a small understanding of radar bands, is also found only in the top tier radar detectors like the Escort Redline, Passport Max 2 and Valentine One, and is also a feature that separates premium detectors from economy detectors.

Ka-Band and K-Band Test Results

Ka-band 33.8 GHz

Ka-band 33.8 GHz (distances in feet)

Ka-band 34.7 GHz

Ka-band 34.7 GHz (distances in feet)

Ka-band 35.5 GHz

Ka-band 35.5 GHz (distances in feet)

K band

K-band (distances in feet)

POP Detection

The Radenso Pro’s Ka-band POP detection is above average. When it was tested against a MPH Bee III radar unit utilizing POP, the Radenso Pro detected about 60% of the test shots. Although POP radar is legal, a speed enforcement official is still required by law to use the radar in a constant ON mode to fully justify the targeted vehicle’s speed, because POP is only ON for a fraction of a second and therefore cannot allow the official to accurately log the speed over time. In 2004, very few radars could detect POP radar bursts, however, advancements in radar technology by the top radar detector manufacturers have made POP detection reliable and even allow users to turn POP detection ON or OFF. The video below shows “hiddencam,” one of our biggest enthusiasts in this hobby, test firing a MPH Bee III radar against the Radenso Pro:


False Alert Mitigation J (Close to a K Rating)

The Radenso Pro has two key features that allow it to minimize false alerts. In addition to band segmentation, as described above, which improves detection range and filters unnecessary segments of the Ka and K-bands, the Radenso Pro offers a Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) feature for minimizing false alerts from traffic monitoring sensors found on roadways, and Blind Spot Monitors (BSMs) used on newer cars that notify the driver of obstacles in the blind spots. It also has a built-in GPS sensor that allows users to lockout false radar sources. At the time this article was written and based on the information concerning the detector’s GPS lockout feature, we found this feature needed some improvement since our members shared the same difficulty and challenges with the detector not keeping marked locations locked-out. This issue was brought to Radenso’s attention, and they acknowledged our concern and stated a fix would be available soon.


The Radenso Pro has two TSR modes. The TSR High mode delays K-band signal detection by 0.8 seconds, and the TSR Low mode delays the signal detection by 0.4 seconds. For most driving situations, the TSR Low setting minimizes false alerts from vehicles equipped with BSMs, however, our member, Vortex, discovered an Audi RS7 sports car using BSM and causing his Radenso Pro to provide a false alert. Although such occurrences are probable, this detector’s TSR feature effectively reduced false alerts sufficiently and reliably enough but still detecting to valid K-band sources used for speed measurement.

GPS Lockouts

This detector offers a feature enabling the radar detector to ignore a radar source based on user input. Like a similar lockout feature found on the Escort Passport Max 2 which is done either manually or automatically, the Radenso Pro’s GPS lockout feature is strictly done manually. This feature allows drivers to manually lockout a false source along their driving route so that they will not be alerted every time they drive near it. For technical purposes, the Radenso Pro will lockout a source 50 meters (164 feet) prior to the marked location and add a few seconds of silence past the targeted area of interest. For comparison purposes, Escort’s GPS Lockout feature has a 0.5 mile (2,640 feet) radius, which some users think is too large and capable of locking-out a real threat. Overall, our members had split feelings on the best lockout area, since a smaller radius leaves little room for ignoring a legitimate radar source, but causes users to mark ignored areas more often.

Additionally, the Radenso Pro offers a feature called SpeedMeter to minimize false alerts. SpeedMeter is a feature that works in combination with the build-in GPS module allowing users to set a speed range wherein received radar alerts are muted. This feature, which is also available on the Valentine One detectors using SAVVY or the V1Connection smartphone app, works as intended and our members have not had any issues with its functionality.

Laser Detection – No Scoring Available –

Due to the emphasis in determining the radar detection abilities, there has been little emphasis among our members in measuring the sensitivity to various LIDAR (laser) gun sources. The Radenso Pro representative, however, did inform our members that the detector’s LIDAR sensitivity is not as high as the Valentine One, which most enthusiasts would agree has the most sensitive LIDAR receivers amongst all the top rated radar detectors. Although LIDAR detection is important, it is not entirely relevant since a direct hit by a LIDAR gun will immediately provide the measured speed to the laser gun operator.  Nonetheless, positively identifying a LIDAR source allows drivers to invest in active, laser gun countermeasures such as the AntiLaser Priority (ALP), so detection is beneficial in that perspective of effectively countering speed enforcement tactics and neutralizing measuring devices in order to permit safe and fun driving.

Configuring Settings and Updates K

Like the other high-end radar detectors, the Radenso Pro is designed to adapt to the dynamic field of speed enforcement. The Radenso Pro’s developers ensured users would have a reliable detector for years to come and keep users updated with a Red Light Camera database by incorporating a USB port allowing the detector to accept changes when connected to a computer with the free software from Radenso. As a testament to the company’s committed goal of producing a great detector, our concerns about the K-band detection in July 2015 was rectified when the company provided a firmware update shortly thereafter online allowing users to update their detector to correct this problem. Secondly, the company currently keeps users’ Red Light Camera (RLC) database updated quarterly by allowing users to connect their detector to the computer to accept any changes in the national RLC database. Our users found the RLC database to be very accurate, given input from members from as far as Seattle, WA to St. Louis, MO. We gave the detector an average score due to the fact that the software required for updating the detector is only available on Windows Operating Systems. The company intends to remain competitive and satisfy owners who own Apple Operating Systems by developing software for that particular segment of the market.

In terms of user friendliness for changing the detector’s settings, such as the volume or brightness, the Radenso Pro scored well due to simple steps needed to make changes quickly. Secondly, the LED alerts were easy to learn and relate to specific radar bands, since each radar band has a clear and distinct tone and can also be voiced so far as to announce the received frequency.


Summary J (Long Range Category)

Overall, the new Radenso Pro is a great detector scoring very well in key areas of importance like sensitivity, range, and offering reliable features that effectively minimize false alerts. As noted in the two tests conducted by our members, the Radenso Pro’s Ka-band detection provides drivers between 1 mile and a little less than a 1/2 mile alert notification, and nearly a 1/2 mile alert notification against K-band threats. These distances rival the best detectors like the Valentine One and Escort Redline. Other features of this detector like TSR work very well and continue to be refined through future updates. The GPS Lockout feature needs to be fixed, and was one of the two reasons we gave it an average score in those categories.  The other reason we gave it an average score was due to the unavailability of the required software, which is needed to update the detector, for Apple OS computers. The company’s commitment to provide updates based on users’ experiences and feedback in order to make it better on the highway has definitely been a very notable scoring point for many of us on this forum. All in all, we highly recommend this detector for new buyers who are looking for an alternative to the common Valentine One and Escort line of detectors.




  • Special Thanks
    • Vortex – for grabbing one of the first Radenso Pro detectors and providing us a through review with videos and pictures, and for continuing to be at the forefront of keeping all of us updated to changes and developments
    • Hiddencam and contributors to the Radenso Pro Testing Event – for setting up the test course for the Radenso Pro, and coordinating with several members to gather radar guns and radar detectors for true and unbiased testing comparisons
    • RDF Acceptus Members – for helping me gather links to put this article together
    • Loyal members of our forum who provided detailed information to help the Radenso representative on our forum identify problem areas requiring improvement
  • Information and Discussion
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