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  • Which Radar Detector Should I Buy?

    Which Radar Detector Should I Buy?

    Choosing a radar detector can seem like a daunting task. There are many different options out there and countless websites telling you which one is the best; however the reality is there isn’t a “best radar detector.” Before making a purchase it is important to consider the main environments where you drive, the type of feature set you think you would like, the types of threats (radar bands used as well as the presence of other types of traps) in your area, as well as your driving style.
  • Escort Max 360 Review

    Escort Max 360 Review

    The Valentine One radar detector is no longer the only radar detector with the Arrows. In October 2015, Escort Inc. introduced the Max 360 and its arrows are pointing to a successful launch for a radar detector with so much built-in technology out of the box to provide complete situational awareness. Is it simply a Max2 with arrows? Think again!
  • Beltronics GT-7 Review

    Beltronics GT-7 Review

    In late October 2015, Beltronics released the new GT-7 radar and laser detector. We had the opportunity to review this detector based upon the experiences of two of our forum members. Their shared input allowed us to present a thorough review of the GT-7 detector in terms of radar and laser detection performance, anti-false alert technology, and user friendliness.
  • Uniden LRD950 Review

    Uniden LRD950 Review

    Several years have passed since Uniden tapered its production of high performance radar detectors. How does the Uniden LRD950 stand up against today's modern technology?
  • Radenso Pro Review

    Radenso Pro Review

    This summer of 2015, a new brand of radar detectors made a bold entry into the market. The German manufactured Radenso Pro is a new, high-end radar detector sold in the United States that, based on testing in real world scenarios, has demonstrated great performance in long-range Ka band detection and sensitivity to Ka-band Instant On radar threats.
  • Stinger VIP Radar Review

    Stinger VIP Radar Review

    Are you looking for an untempered radar detector that utilizes a new approach for detecting radar guns? The new Stinger VIP Radar uses patch antenna technology as a mechanism for detecting all sources of radar currently used in speed enforcement, including low power K-Band sources that might make their way to the US from Europe. Its patented K-Band filtering software treats false-alert sources without sacrificing K-Band sensitivity. Additionally, it uses a GPS antenna to lockout false-alert sources by geolocation. Lastly, it can upgraded to integrate laser jammers to jam variable-pulse rate laser guns. The Stinger VIP Radar has one thing in mind - defeat radar!