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Thread: ITB-100HD vs. Blackvue DR400G-HD Season II

[P] Discussion relating to dash cams such as the Blackvue or GoPro and blackbox-style recording devices.

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    ITB-100HD vs. Blackvue DR400G-HD Season II

    So there's some really good threads on both the ITB and the Blackvue dashcams individually.

    To those of you who own one or the other, or both, why did you choose the one you did?

    For those of us who are interested in getting one, how do they compare?

    I'm curious about image quality, particularly at 1080p.
    Color, contrast, and auto exposure capabilities.
    How well it performs in the sun, in overcast conditions, and at night.
    How easy the software is to use.
    Audio quality.
    How easy it is to hardwire.
    Making sure it doesn't overheat.
    How hands-off it is until you need it/want the video.
    How "English" it is.
    Anything else important that I haven't thought of...

    Basically, which one is better and why?
    Playing with radar and lidar and then sharing what I discover with you guys brings me tons of joy.

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    Re: ITB-100HD vs. Blackvue DR400G-HD Season II

    All that you are asking have been discussed in the ITB100-HD & Blackvue Season II threads.

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